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Powdered eggs produced in Nigeria now available

Egg powder produced in Nigeria now in market

Chicken egg powder or powdered egg enriched with all the natural goodness of an egg in a convenient, long-lasting and hygienic form is now being produced in Nigeria.  Answer Industries Limited which produces  this Chicken egg powder called Kara-Kara is a wholly owned Nigeria company registered to carry out the business of commerce, agriculture and manufacturing in Nigeria.

 This production, according to the company already has the National Agency for Food, Drug, Administration and Control (NAFDAC) certification (Egg yolk: 08-1007L, Egg White: 08-1008L, Egg Whole:08-1009L).

The company converts farm fresh eggs into powder at its factory located at Atoyo Ijebu in Ijebu-East local Government Area Ogun State.

The company also produces animal feeds such as floating fish feed of various sizes, chicken feeds. For enquiries, contact: 08032356470, 080385110307

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A major challenge, which the poultry industry in Nigeria faces, apart from high cost of input, infrastructure challenges and competition from cheap imported poultry meat smuggled into the country, is egg glut. At such times, farmers and egg suppliers record losses because they are not able to sell off large quantities of eggs. Even with refrigeration, egg has a relatively short shelf-life. In addition to the high cost of having to store eggs in an electricity-challenged country,  keeping such large quantities of eggs in store is not economically viable.

But powdered eggs can eliminate this seasonal occurrence of egg glut or reduce the losses completely. Egg powder is dried egg.  When the powder is mixed with water, it produces liquid eggs, which can then be used just like fresh eggs. It can be fried and eaten. With or without mixing with water, the powdered can be added to confectioneries before baking or other forms of cooking.

According to USA Emergency supply, powdered or dehydrated eggs are added with the dry ingredients when baking and act exactly like the "real thing" would act in the recipe. Unlike raw eggs, they do not perish so easily and can last for up to five years or more if stored in the right environment.


Muritala Aderinto, (2018-08-12 17:01:54), said...

Is it possible to get your distributorship in Ilorin? What does it entail? What is the financial implications? Is physical presence in your factory necessary? Please avail me with details, I am interested in the business. Regards.

Ajumobi, (2017-12-12 15:34:32), said...

Send me your contact please.

Julie onome, (2017-08-03 20:12:58), said...

where may I get dry egg York to buy in Lagos and much does it cost ?

otuji, (2017-08-03 08:10:29), said...

i am impress ,how much is your egg powder and how can i access get the product

Dr Anumba K, (2017-05-12 04:55:46), said...

Nice to know this pls what is the brand name & is it available in the market location 0nitsha

Costa Madi, (2016-10-17 09:40:44), said...

Good day Kindly i would like to know how i can access your products ( egg yolk and egg white powder) as i have a big pastry in Abuja and i would like to use it for production i am waiting your feedback Thank you

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