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Duru Bulgur Wheat holds promise of 2,000 jobs, empowerment of 1,500 farmers, new businesses

If Nigerians can consume 16 tons of Duru Bulgur Wheat daily, its producers in Turkey have promised to start its production in Nigeria, creating about 2,000 jobs and  empowerment of 1,500 farmers.

1 kg pack of  Duru Bulgur Wheat is sold for N600. This shows that by consuming 16,000 packs of such packs daily, Nigerians would be spending  N9.6 million daily on consumption of this food which is currently imported from Turkey.

Victor Chukwuogo, CEO of Voc Royal Resources said recently at a function to unveil the essence of Duru Bulgur Wheat to the public, “if we consume 16 tons daily in Nigeria from now till December , the experts from Turkey will come in and get land to cultivate, set up multimillion naira processing plant in Nigeria, where over 2,000 workers will be employed and 1,500 farmers will be empowered with seedlings and then we buy from them.”

Duru Bulgur Wheat is produced with no additives or preservatives. It is a cereal made from ‘Broom’ Wheat specie. It is nutritious like Ofada. The Americans have made Duru Bulgur Wheat a substitute for rice. It  can be prepared like rice as jollof, fried, coconut or boiled rice and eaten with stew like the usual white rice.

Currently, Voc Royal Resources is welcoming distributors  who would be making about 25 percent or more on every 1Kg pack of Duru wheat sold at the rate of N600.  So, by selling a carton of 12 packs daily, they would making more than N1,800 as  profit, selling 10 cartons – 120 packs would yield N18,000 minimum daily. The distributorship is opened to anyone with a registered business name.

Health Benefits

It helps consumers to maintain a healthy weight, controls obesity, low sugar content, it has a high fibre content, it increases the rate of digestion and body metabolism and so much more.

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Wole Ayeleso, (2017-07-08 22:37:36), said...

I am interested in the sales of Duru bulgur, how do I go about it, Sir. Thanks.

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